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Knowsley Early Help

Knowsley Early Help is about working with children, young people and their families to offer the right support at an early stage before a small need becomes a bigger one.

Early Help is about taking steps to stop little problems becoming big problems for children, young people and their families
This is an assessment tool used by agencies providing targeted family support at Levels 2 & 3 on the Knowsley Continuum of Need Framework.
Struggling with your child's behaviour or worried about Child Exploitation? Would you like to develop your parenting skills? Worried about the breakdown of family relationships / domestic violence?
Worried about crime / anti social behaviour in your community? Do you or someone you know require support because of addiction? Are you a young ex-offender who needs support?
Are you unsure about the benefits you can receive? Are you struggling with debt or your finances? Do you know who can help you to find work?
Looking for a dentist or doctor for your family? Are you a carer or do you know a young carer that needs support? Do you need a counselling service for yourself or for a child/young person?
Worried about losing your home or its state or repair? Under 25 and looking for your first home of your own? Are you worried about your health and remaining in your home?
Do you want to encourage your family to become more active? Are you looking for Places to go, Things to do in your community? Do you want to find activities for young children?
Looking for useful documents or forms? Do you need support around TAF's and/or Early Help Assessments?

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