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Beacon Counselling Trust - ante-natal/postnatal depression

These services are not standard within the trust but can be arranged, there may be a cost involved.

Universal - Level 1

  • Targeted family interventions around ante-natal / postnatal depression and anxiety and a wide range of family-focussed ante-natal and postnatal therapeutic interventions, can include effective and positive parental skills and systemic therapy.
  • Often includes group psychoeducational interventions

Universal Plus - Level 2

  • Following assessment a wide range of evidence-based short-termed interventions (6-8 weeks) can be utilised, this can include targeted support for a child or family, specific to their needs identified, can include:
    • positive mental health promotion and treatment
    • substance and addiction interventions
    • conduct problems
    • socialised aggression
    • family functioning

Universal Partnership Plus - Level 3

  • Multi-disciplinary team support with Beacon, leading on general mental health and therapeutic interventions for a targeted child or family unit (up to 24 sessions depending upon complexity) may include behavioural modification relevant to the child or family unit, may include parent, teacher and child interventions, and may include a mix of psychotherapeutic interventions such as, family-focussed, CBT, ACT, SST, grief and loss counselling and expressive therapies.

Need for protection -Level 4

  • Complex critical incident or trauma interventions engaging with a specific targeted child or family unit as a result of such issues as: abuse, significant other crimes or life-changing events. 
  • These interventions are typically 26+ weeks and would form part of a package of complex support for the child and family unit.

Contact Details

0151 226 0696

Head Office:
263 Townsend Lane
L13 9DG

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Delivery period

January - December

Universal AccessUniversal Access

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