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Catch 22

Knowsley Missing and Child Sexual Exploitation Service

Works with young people under 18-years-old across Knowsley who are missing from home or care, or experiencing or at risk of child sexual exploitation.

Young people 10 to 18-years-old

Missing from home and care

This service works alongside young people, their families and the police to find out what has caused them to run away and prevent them from running away again in the future. Download our leaflet for parents and carers here.

Help is provided for young people who have run away who are at risk of:

  • becoming involved in crime to survive, from stealing to criminal gang involvement
  • drug and alcohol misuse
  • mental and sexual health issues
  • exclusion from school and failure to meet educational milestones.

After each missing episode, a face-to-face interview with the young person is conducted after 48 hours, during which a needs-assessment is conducted. Find out more in our young people’s leaflet.

The service runs a dedicated helpline 0808 168 9698 and provides support to young people who have run away or need advice as well as family and friends who are concerned about runaways.

Child sexual exploitation (CSE)

Comprehensive screening and assessment of young people is conducted to identify CSE risk and incidence, followed by programmes of intervention which enable young people to reflect upon and recognise CSE.

We work closely with the SHIELD team to support young people at risk of or involved in CSE

Parents, carers and families can find guidance on spotting the signs of CSE here (PDF).

Learn more about Catch22’s approach to preventing CSE.

Work with other agencies

Located within Knowsley’s SHIELD team, Catch22 works in partnership with the Knowsley Borough Council and Merseyside Police.

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Referral procedure

Referral is via police and social care.

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January - December

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