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Childcare Brokerage Service for Parents with a Disabled Child or requiring bespoke childcare

Helping parents and carers to find childcare for children with Special Educational Need or Disability (SEND).

Who can use this service?

  • Any parent or carer whose child (0-19 years) has a disability and who would like to access childcare
  • Organisations or teams who are working to support families with a disabled child
  • Family members who are supporting parents of disabled children.

How can this service help?

  • Offering advice and assistance to parents and carers about the types of childcare that are available
  • Finding childcare to suit your child's and your family's needs
  • Signpost parents to access appropriate sources of funding
  • Meeting parents to discuss needs and visit childcare settings with the family
  • Informing parents of how services are delivered and how to access them.

What are the benefits to you and your family?

  • It will help more disabled children to access childcare and opportunities for early learning
  • It will help parents and carers to return to work or study, or to retain their job
  • It is tailored to meet individual families' needs
  • It will help parents to access services more easily
  • Facilitate training for individual settings where child has health needs
  • Support to help parents access childcare as a short break.

You can access the service in any of the following ways:

The Childcare Information Service provides information, advice and assistance to all families about:

  • Finding Childcare
  • Paying for Childcare
  • Working in Childcare.