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Childcare (Early Years) for keyworkers

All schools, nurseries and colleges in the UK are closed to the vast majority of children until further notice. However, some childcare provision is available for children of key workers – defined by Government as those working in:

    • Health & Social care.
    • Education & Childcare.
    • Key public services – justice, charities, journalists, management of deceased, public service broadcasters.
    • Local and national government only administrative occupations essential to delivery of COVID response or delivering essential public services.
    • Food and other necessary goods – production, distribution, sales, medical.
    • Public safety & national security – armed forces, fire & rescue, crime agency etc. Transport.
    • Utilities communication and financial services.

If you are a keyworker and require childcare for a child under 4, Knowsley's Childcare Information Service (CIS) has all the most up-to-date local information on all the different childcare options across the borough. You can call them on 0800 085 2022 (Option 1) or 0151 443 5635 or email
As of 30.4.20, the childcare settings currently open and able to place children are:

    • Playtots, Park View, Huyton 0151 289 7632
    • Tree Tots, Stockbridge Village 0151 477 8030
    • Tiger Tots, The Pride, Kirkby 0151 477 1003
    • Kids Planet, Fazakerley 0151 293 0384
    • Sandfield Natural Play Centre, Whiston 0151 426 6262,

Please note that this is the current information and may change in the future.

There are also some childminders in the borough that are offering places that can be accessed by contacting CIS on 0151 443 5635.