Early Years (0-4 Year Olds)

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Do you think or do you know your child has special educational needs and/or a disability? You should first speak to your health visitor or your GP for more information regarding possible diagnosis. If your child is attending a nursery or with a childminder you can speak to your child's key person about your concerns. They will arrange for you to speak to the appropriate person, usually the SENCO in each SETTING to support you further.

Early Years

Support in the early years of a child’s life should ensure a smooth move into childcare and school, ensuring that families continue to receive support and services early on to help minimise difficulties in the future in line with the Special Educational Needs (SEND) Code of Practice.

The Early Years Area Senco works with nurseries/childminders and other agencies together with the Child Development Team (CDT) to provide a wide variety of support that aims to ensure all children have access to provision which is appropriate to their special educational needs or disability. All children are entitled to access quality first inclusive practice, however some children may need additional support.  Arrangements for identifying and assessing SEN in Early Years complies with the Early years: guide to the 0 to 25 SEND code of practice

Examples of some good practice that may be available in mainstream Early Years settings can be seen here:

The Childcare and Early Education section of this website contains information on free childcare for 2, 3 and 4 year olds as well as how to find childcare in Knowsley. If you need further help the Childcare Brokerage Service can support parents and carers to find childcare for children with a Special Educational Need or Disability (SEND).

ASD Pathway update - September 2018

The ASD Pathway remains open, but there are currently delays with assessments and we are working with Knowsley CCG (who commission the pathway) to take steps to address the immediate backlog and identify a longer-term solution. The Council has provided additional support to undertake outstanding assessments.

In the longer-term, the pathway is being redesigned and all services are working hard to ensure that this will  be in place by 1 April 2019.

Early Years Pupil Premium

The Early Years Pupil Premium (EYPP) is an additional sum of money paid to childcare providers for children of families in receipt of certain benefits.  This funding will be used to enhance the quality of their early years' experience by improving the teaching and learning, facilities and resources, with the aim of impacting positively on your child's progres and development.  For more information please speak to your childcare provider.

Disability Access Fund Declaration

Three and four-year-old who are in reciept of child Disability Living Allowance and are receiving the free entitlement are eligible for the Disability Access Fund (DAF).  DAF is paid to the child's early years setting as a fixed annual rate of £615 per eligible child.  You must provide a copy of the child's disability living allowance award letter to the childcare provider for them to retail on file for Local Autority audit. Disability Access Funding (DAF) 2018-2020 Guidance.

Starting School

It's natural to be anxious about choosing the right school for your child. The step from a small supportive nursery or pre-school to a primary school of several hundred children can be daunting, and even more so for a child with a disability or special educational needs. So it really helps to be well informed.  A good transition plan should be agreed with you, your child's SETTING and the school they will be attending.

Health support for children & young people with SEND including Adaptations & Equipment.

If you have any questions regarding your childs development or their behaviour at home, Knowsley CCNS have put together a page Developmental or Behavioural Concerns that may be able to help you.

Advice for parents looking for registered childcare in Knowsley, this page provides options and advice about choosing quality childcare in Knowsley

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