Educational, Health & Care (4-16 year olds)

At this critical time in a child or young person’s life there are a number of services offering help or advice to ensure that children & young people have a smooth transition into nursery/childcare, primary school and then secondary school. 

Services that offer educational support

  • The Educational Psychology Service is committed to facilitating and supporting improved educational, social, personal and community outcomes for children and young people in Knowsley.
  • Help and support is available to ensure all children and young people with Special Education Needs (SEN) can develop and achieve their full potential. To see what is available visit the Help with special educational needs page
  • Knowsley Special Sector Partnership are a partnership of 7 specialist school settings, catering for the needs of some of the most needy, vulnerable and challenging pupils from across Knowsley.
  • Children or young people could have problems with their physical development, intellectual development, learning, behaviour, emotional wellbeing and social skills at some point in their lives and may require support or advice from one of the Knowsley Area Support Teams. 
  • If your child attends a Knowsley school and meets the criteria set out in the Transport Policy, he/she may be eligible for free transport to school. This is usually a Merseytravel bus pass. You can see further information by looking at the SEN Home to School Transport page.
  • The Hospital and Home Tuition Service provides education for children & young people who cannot attend school because of medical needs.
  • More services involved with or offering educational support

Services that offer Health Support

  • The Developmental or Behavioural Concerns page contains information on other services that can help with these worries including the Child Development Team.
  • The Sensory Impairment Service is a centrally held education service for any child with a diagnosed hearing or visual disability within the borough of Knowsley available from birth
  • The Positive Behaviour Support Service (PBSS) supports children and adults whose challenging behaviour is impacting upon their family and services around them, reducing their qualtity of life and will possibly lead to expulsion from community based services
  • Knowsley’s EHC Plan Pathway Protocol explains the pathway that requests for an EHC Plan follow.
  • Our School Nursing Team is available to all children and young people in Knowsley and we are here to support you with any health issues or concerns you may have up until your 19th birthday.
  • The Special School Nursing Team work closely with young people, their families and carers, other school staff, healthcare professionals, and the Knowsley Children with Disabilities Service, as well as private and voluntary agencies to make sure the needs of young people are met.
  • Alder Hey Children's NHS Foundation Trust have advisory appointment available to parents/carers of children diagnosed with ASD or on the Alder Hey Autism Spectrum Pathway.  Further information can be found here.


The following links will take you to the relevant section of the website where the individual schools are listed.  Please choose the link that is most appropriate to your/your child’s need.

If you are over 16 and considering colleges or moving into employment there is information available on our Becoming an Adult section.