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Knowsley Early Years Service Update

Due to Covid -19 Government Guidance and Local Authority Advice, Knowsley Early Years service has continued to work with all families remotely during this period.  Please see below a service update for the forthcoming months:

Service Update:


  • Virtual Baby Massage is available by qualified instructors who are working within the International Association of Infant Massage Covid-19 guidance.  Please email:  or visit the Knowsley Early Years website where there is a form available to register your interest in baby massage and we’ll do the rest.
  • We have maximised the use of social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram to provide inexpensive play and learning activities that parents can do with their children at home.
  • Feedback from our social media sites told us that parents and carers  enjoyed receiving tips and ideas for keeping babies and toddlers entertained: however the feedback also told us that they felt they were missing out on attending classes with their  under 1’s.  We responded by trialling a virtual Baby Explorers session.  This has been a huge success so is now a weekly session, offering PEEP sessions supporting under 1’s development in all areas.

Knowsley Early Years Service is working in partnership with ICAN to provide additional exciting opportunities for parents and their children.

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Parent Champions:

We sometimes have specialists coming to our baby groups to talk with parents and answer questions so that parents can find out more about how their babies grow and learn.

One of the specialists is Jess, a speech and language therapist who can talk with you about how babies learn to talk.  Now we are staying at home, they are able to chat with you online instead.  They will be able to show you how your baby is learning all about language, even before they’re talking, show you what to look out for, what to expect as baby grows and how you can help them on their way.

You can sign up online and then Jess will send you a link that you can click on to come to a virtual ‘baby group’ with some other mums and dads from the area.  It’s very casual and informal; you can have baby on your knee, just come along and find out the amazing things your baby’s brain is up to!

The link to sign-up is here:  How Babies Learn to Talk

Tots Talking:

Normally at the children’s centre, we have the opportunity to invite parents of two year olds to come along to a group with other local parents to find out more about how their toddlers are learning to talk.

Now we are all staying at home, we are inviting parents to join online instead.  If you sign up online, then we can send you a link so that you can come to a virtual ‘parents group’ with other mums and dads from the area.

When you join, a member of the Early Years staff will be there on the video link together with Jess, a local speech and language therapist.  It will be for about 40 minutes each week and there’ll be videos, information and a chance to make a toy or activity that you can do at home with your child in between the sessions.  There will be eight sessions altogether and you will be able to ask questions and find out about how your child is learning.  Parents who’ve come before have told us that it’s been fun and that it’s given them some great ideas for playing and talking with their children.

The link to sign-in is here:  How toddlers learn to talk

For further information please contact Jess Page or Louisa Reeves



All our targeted provision has remained the same with the difference being that the delivery is remote. You can refer into the service through completing a Service Request Form, please see attached, and send to  . These are presented at a week Duty Meeting for triage and will be allocated to a practitioner. Services include: Sleep Support, Parenting Programmes, Assisted Childcare, Getting to Know Your Baby, 1:1 Baby Massage, Chatterbox-Speech and Language Support, Language – Play in the Home, Target Support in the Home with Play  all completed remotely via WhatsApp, Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

Signed the Early Years Locality Managers

Linda Malone, Gail Ross and Stephanie Maloney