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Public Health Midwives - Central & South

2 specialist Midwives (1 in Kirkby (North) and 1 in Central/South) who provide additional antenatal and postnatal care to vulnerable pregnant women or those in need of additional support.  

Access to the service: Referral from universal midwifery service.

Getting to know your baby

Come along to 8 sessions (4 before and 4 after your baby is born) to share ideas and find out about:

  • ways to help comfort your newborn baby
  • how babies develop, learn, communicate and thrive
  • bonding with your baby
  • secure attachment - what it is, why is it important and how you can help your baby develop strong relationships, confidence and a love of learning
  • shape the future of your baby's emotional and physical development and behaviour

Hand this form in to your Children's Centre or your Community Midwife or phone Hilltop Children's Centre on 0151 443 5301.

Knowsley Children's Community Nursing Service offers support and advice for pregnant women, children, young people and their parents/carers living in Knowsley, up to the age of 19 years

Level 1 - Universal

Co-ordinate baby, bump and me antenatal education programme and oversee the PEEP – "Geting to know your baby" programme. Partnership working with smoking cessation service, weight management service, teenage pregnancy, breastfeeding, in relation to universal pathway development.

Level 2 - Universal Plus

South/Central Knowsley: Provide additional short-term additional support / short assessment for a pregnant woman presenting with a short-term / minor concerns e.g. temporary low mood, housing issue.

  • Public Health Midwife may complete a single agency EHA
  • Home-start for extra support.
  • Antenatal attachment discussed and referred to ‘Getting to know your baby" course at Children Centres.
  • Referral to weight management service if BMI 30>if not already engaged with service.
  • Conversation regarding values of breastfeeding and signpost to service for Infant Feeding Workshop / Baby Bump & Me.
  • Discussion regarding risks of smoking, conversation with stop smoking service to confirm referral made at booking.
  • If pregnant and under 19 years of age and not engaged with the FNP service
  • If other vulnerability will provide further support.
  • If assessed as having low mood and lack of attachment with new-born referred for extra support:

    BABS (Building Attachments and Bonds Service)

Postnatal support offered up to 6 weeks postnatally and handover of care provided to HV.

Level 3 - Universal Partnership Plus

South/Central Knowsley: Referral from booking or community midwife.  Complete a whole family early help assessment for a pregnant woman with multiple or more complex needs, can be single agency assessment with input from a school/nursery for the child’s voice, or may be multi-agency and a TAF arranged, Public Health Midwife will lead on that TAF and co-ordinate the package of support. Joint visiting with the clinical psychologist as part of the BABS (Building Attachments and Bonds Service) parent-infant psychotherapy service.

  • Referred to appropriate service depending on clinical or emotional need.
  • Referral to Perinatal Mental Health Service and BABS (Building Attachments and Bonds Service) if consented.  
  • Smoking risks discussed and re-referred if not engaged with service.
  • Values of breastfeeding discussed and the importance of attachment in the antenatal period for baby’s brain development referral and discussion with Knowsley Breastfeeding Support Service to arrange future joint infant feeding workshop linked to UNICEF ‘New Standards’
  • Discussion with HV and joint visit arranged if required.
  • Early Help Assessment commenced with a multi-agency approach either as lead or a contributor.
  • Enhanced postnatal visits linking into appropriate service’s.
  • Supported at all multi-agency meetings.
  • Postnatal support offered up to 6 weeks handover of care provided to HV.

Level 4 - Need for protection

South/Central Knowsley: Support a woman and family through the Social Care process. On occasions early help assessments are completed earlier in pregnancy and therefore prior to a pre-birth assessment, in order to establish needs and commence support plan. Liaise with Social Care in relation to pre-birth assessment / plan following birth. Participation in strategy meetings/ case conferences/core groups.

  • Multi-agency approach
  • Joint visit with social worker to discuss plan of care for woman in pregnancy.
  • Woman and family linked into appropriate services e.g. Homestart, Children Centres (Freedom Programme)
  • Strategy meetings, Case Conferences, Core Group meetings attended and up to date information and engagement provided.
  • Infant Feeding Workshop offered discussing the value of breastfeeding and importance of attachment linked to UNICEF ‘New Standards’.
  • If  mental health issues referred to appropriate service Perinatal Mental Health Team (Whiston) or Whiston MH Assessment Team.
  • Supported with BABS (Building Attachments and Bonds Service) one to one psychotherapeutic service addressing attachment and past trauma in order to form a bond with their new-born.
  • Supported to access Knowsley Stop Smoking Service, Weight Management Service.
  • Support offered up to 6 weeks postnatally by providing enhanced postnatal visits.
  • Supported with multi-agency meetings.
  • Discharged at 6 weeks. handover of care provided to HV.

Contact Details

Hilltop Children's Centre
Mosscroft Primary School
Bedford Close
L36 1XH

L36 1XH

Opening days / times

Monday- Friday, 08:30-17:00

Additional Information

Age range

13 - 45

Referral procedure

Self referral or referral from any other professional

Delivery period

January - December

Universal AccessUniversal Access

Home basedHome based

Region wideRegion wide

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