Short breaks - Summer 2017

As part of our ‘Short Breaks’ programme for disabled children (aged 4-19), we commission a range of summer holiday schemes.  These are targeted at disabled children who would otherwise not be able to attend ‘mainstream’ activities over the holidays.  They are generally 2 days a week (for 5 hours a day), for 4 weeks of the summer holidays. The schemes are subsidised by the Council, so that there is a charge of £5 per day.

As we have a number of providers delivering a variety of different schemes (catering for different age groups and needs), we are trialling a new approach this year to allocating places.  So rather than parents/professionals making direct referrals to providers, this year there will be a more centralised, coordinated system (i.e. application forms will go into a central point, triaged, then allocated to the appropriate scheme where there is space).  This is to ensure places are more fairly distributed to those who need them most, and that there is better matching of children to provision.  We also want to ensure there is no duplication of places (i.e. children attending more than 1 scheme, unless there is a clear need).

Whilst we hope to cater for as many eligible children as possible, a place cannot be guaranteed.

So if you are working with children who might need a place, please complete this Pen Profile (either with or on behalf of the parent/child), and email it to Helen Bourke ( as soon as possible.