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Stop Smoking Service

Help is on hand for smokers who want to give up.

The Knowsley stop smoking service offers a range of different free services to suit you:

One to one support
Walk-ins require no appointment and are local and convenient for busy lives.

Stopping in a group
Share tips and ideas with other people trying to quit, whilst receiving help from a Stop Smoking Specialist.

Telephone help
One-to-one telephone support at a time that suits you.

Pregnant smokers and their family 
We run a personalised pregnancy service, offering home visits or group attendance. We can support pregnant woman  and their families.   NRT is available to use and your specialist advisor will provide advice and guidance to help you achieve your desired goal to make life healthier for you and your baby.  Call 01482 617871/151 426 7462, contact us online or speak to your midwife today. 

Young Persons Service
'For our young people across the Borough, we have specially trained advisors who work across many young person's settings including schools and colleges.

The service provided is free, confidential and non-judgemental, it is personalised for your needs.  If you as a young person would like more advice or you're a parent/guardian seeking advice please call 0151 426 7462 or alternatively speak to your school nurse or mentor.' 

Pharmacy Stop Smoking Service
Our pharmacy stop smoking service is offered in over 30 locations across the borough. The service offers practical and convenient support on a one to one basis to suit your needs and help you quit. Call into your local pharmacy or call 0800 324 7111 for a full pharmacy stop smoking service timetable. 

Acute Services 
We have dedicated Hospital stop smoking advisors supporting patients, visitors and staff on site at Whiston Hospital. We can help you stop before your op and also support you throughout your stay. We provide FREE non-judgemental, friendly, professional support and guidance and we will offer to refer you on to your local stop smoking services for continued support. Staff, visitors and patients can also visit the PALS office in Whiston Hospital to receive support and advice. No appointment is needed - just walk in.
Monday 12:30pm - 2:00pm Tuesday 3:00pm - 4:30pm Wednesday 11:30pm - 1:00pm 

Digital Services 
If you don't feel like you have the time to walk in to one of our clinics or Pharmacies then take full advantage of our digital services. You can quit via text message or email. it really is as simple as that. We offer a 12 week programme with support in the comfort of your own home at a time that suits you. Nicotine replacement therapy is available via your choice of pharmacy in Knowsley. If you want to quit and register for our digital services:
Text 'KNOWSLEY' to 61825* to use our quit buddy text messaging stop smoking service (*normal network rates apply) or Sign up at to quit using our quit online email stop smoking service.

Some clients may be eligible for free NRT like patches and gum.

Useful contacts

Stop Smoking Service Phone: 0800 3 247 111 or text the word QUIT to 61825 (normal network rates apply) Web:

Universal - Level 1

Brief intervention training for front line practitioners and a referral pathway created

Universal Plus - Level 2
Universal Partnership Plus - Level 3
Need for protection - Level 4

Behavioural support available for smokers and access to nicotine replacement therapy (aged 12+)

Contact Details

0800 3247111

Westvale Health Centre
Richard Hesketh Drive
L32 0TZ

L32 0TZ

Opening days / times

Monday - Friday 9am -5pm (but evenings can be arranged)

Additional Information

Age range

12 - 85

Referral procedure

Self referral or if pregnant this is an automatic referral from midwife.

Things to know

For anyone wanting support to stop smoking

Delivery period


Universal AccessUniversal Access

Region wideRegion wide

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