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Childcare Brokerage Service for parents requiring bespoke childcare

Helping parents and carers to find either bespoke childcare or childcare for a child or young person with Special Educational Need or Disability (SEND)

The childcare brokerage offer is aimed at the following groups but we are happy to support you if you are struggling to find suitable childcare provision.

  • 2 year olds who are eligible for the free early education entitlement
  • Have a child with special educational needs and/or who is disabled (SEND - Any parent or carer whose child (0-19 years) has a disability and who would like to access childcare
  • Disabled parent carers
  • Organisations or teams who are working to support families with a disabled child
  • Families with English as an additional language
  • Families new to the area
  • Parent carers who are starting or returning to work, education or training
  • Families of multiple births (e.g. twins, triplets)
  • Parent carers who have recently fostered or adopted a child 
  • Are a first time expectant parent
  • Have recently fostered or adopted a child

How can this service help?

If you are having difficulty finding childcare, the Family Information Service (FIS) offer brokerage support. This means we will conduct on your behalf a detailed search of childcare available that best suits your needs by:
  • Offering advice and assistance to parents and carers about the types of childcare available
  • Finding childcare to suit your child's and your family's needs
  • Signposting parents to access appropriate sources of funding
  • Meeting parents to discuss needs and visit childcare settings with the family
  • Informing parents of how services are delivered and how to access them.

What are the benefits to you and your family?

  • It will help more disabled children to access childcare and opportunities for early learning
  • It will help parents and carers to return to work or study, or to retain their job
  • It is tailored to meet individual families' needs
  • It will help parents to access other services more easily
  • Facilitate training for individual settings where child has health needs

You can access the service in any of the following ways:

The Childcare Information Service provides information, advice and assistance to all families about:

  • Finding Childcare
  • Paying for Childcare
  • Working in Childcare.