This section can help you find NHS services, Carers/Young Carers support and Counselling Services for child/young person/adult
Able to offer support to individuals and families with regard to any heart related condition or issue.
Telephone: 0151 282 8971 Halewood, L25 9PA
Help if you are worried about losing your home, its condition or remaining when in ill health. Or under 25 looking for first home
Hearing loss is a common problem that often develops with age or is caused by repeated exposure to loud noises.
Telephone: 0151 424 3926 Cronton, WA8 5DW
The Service for Hearing Impairment offers support for children and young people who have a diagnosed hearing impairment and live and/or are educated in Knowsley. The support given is determined by the individual needs of each child. Support may take the following forms
The HMSA is the only charity offering both practical support and Information Standards Accredited health and care information to people who have a hypermobility syndrome. or who are involved in the care of someone with any of the hypermobility syndromes, including Joint Hypermobility Syndrome, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (all sub-types), Marfan syndrome, Sticklers and Osteogenesis Imperfecta.
HomeStart provides a support service for families - recruiting and training volunteers to support parents with young children at home.

This is a centrally held education service for any child with a diagnosed hearing or visual disability within the borough of Knowsley available from birth.

A trusted non-profit guide to mental health and well-being - Check the Topics A-Z for advice about individual subjects.
Telephone: 0151 477 8300 Huyton, L14 8UD
The Children's Community Nursing Service deliver the Healthy Child programme and support children and families to improve their health outcomes.
For Housing, a ForViva group member is a not-for-profit organisation which own and manage nearly 3000 properties in Knowsley, Oldham and St. Helens. Our portfolio includes general needs, sheltered and supported housing. requirements can be entered when registering on PropertyPool Plus - https://www.propertypoolplus.org.uk/
The Brothers of Charity Services have been on Merseyside for over 100 years. We provide care and support for people with Learning Disabilities, Asperger's Syndrome, Autism and Mental Health Issues & Dementia
Including requesting an assessment for your child.
Telephone: 0151 477 8460 Huyton, L36 9TF
Is part of the Dept of Paediatric Audiological Medicine offers a Newborn Hearing Screen to all babies with either a GP in our area or who are born at Whiston Hospital.

We run out of school clubs, play schemes, senior youth provisions, LINK courses. We also provide outreach to local schools to promote positive play and work closely with Halewood Academy.

Activities run on site include:

Town Council owned and manages this facility, serving the community of Halewood.  Large function room, licenced bar, grass football pitches, changing rooms and adjacent childrens playground.

Function Room is available for private / sessional hire at reasonable rates.


Telephone: 0151 487 5673 Halewood, L26 6LB
With Healthy Start, you get free vouchers every week to spend on milk, plain fresh and frozen fruit and vegetables, and infant formula milk.
Decent Homes Assistance is a discretionary packages of financial assistance available to enable vulnerable owner occupiers to improve their property.
To promote understanding of all aspects of brain injury and provide information, support and services to survivors, their families and carers. In addition, Headway will campaign to reduce the incidence of brain injury.
Helping you rent happy
Information about housing benefit and how to apply.

We are an FA accredited community Football Club that aims to offer local children (Boys & Girls) the opportunity to engage in sports no matter what their ability.

Our vision is to provide the highest quality sporting facilities and make this available to the

Town Council serving the community of Halewood. Owns and manages two Licensed, multi functional Centres, Hollies Hall and the Arncliffe Sports and Community Centre plus three childrens playgrounds, parks and open spaces.

Information on education available for children and young people unable to attend school
Sahir House provides information and support to people living with, or affected by or at risk of HIV, and to increase knowledge and reduce stigma related to HIV and sexual health among the wider population.
Telephone: 0151 477 8130 Whiston L35 3TX
Help and support is available to ensure all children and young people with Special Education Needs ( ) can develop and achieve their full potential.