Sensory Impairment Service 0 – 25 years

This is a centrally held education service for any child with a diagnosed hearing or visual disability within the borough of Knowsley available from birth.

The team supports children and young people with a sensory loss, their families, educational settings, colleges and work with other professionals and agencies to assess and meet the needs related to that sensory loss.

We have two services that we provide our help through:  The Service for the Sensory Impaired (Visually impaired) and The Service for the Sensory Impaired (Hearing Impairment Service)

Within Merseyside there is Bradbury Fields who provide services for blind and partially sighted people. and the Orthoptic Lead Specific Learning Difficulties Clinic which is a clinic run by Orthoptists to help children with eye problems related to or contributing to a specific learning difficulty.

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