The Service for the Sensory Impaired (Hearing Impairment Service)

Knowsley Sensory Impairment Service (Hearing Impaired) offers support for children and young people with a diagnosed hearing impairment. Our role is to facilitate access and inclusion to ensure children and young people with hearing impairment ( with HI) reach their full potential.

The service supports children and young people from birth to 19 years of age and may be involved with young people up to the age of 25.

Involvement from the Qualified Teacher of the Deaf (QToD), a teacher with additional mandatory qualifications, is allocated according to the National Sensory Impairment Partnership (NatSIP) eligibility criteria (2017 Edition).

We work alongside a range of colleagues such as:

The service can:

  • support families and school in establishing good hearing equipment use and developing language and communication skills including access to British Sign Language (BSL).
  • help develop strategies for coping with hearing loss.
  • identify and address the child’s developmental, educational and social needs.
  • provide training for staff in educational settings.
  • contribute to the provision of an appropriate curriculum, advising on adaptation of materials, classroom acoustics, effective communication etc.
  • raise awareness and encourage understanding of hearing loss through staff development and talks to pupils and groups.
  •  liaise with other agencies to facilitate transfer of information to ensure the needs are addressed.
  • recommend appropriate additional equipment and resources and help to develop confidence and independence in their use
  • provide 1:1 specialist teaching and/or support, where appropriate, including the use of British Sign Language (BSL), specialist equipment and delivery of a personalised Audiology Curriculum.
  • contribute towards the assessment process for Education Health Care Plans and support.


Referrals from hospital Audiology departments are made directly to the service following consent from parents. Schools/settings can make a referral for advice if they have a concern about a child who has a diagnosed hearing loss or they are concerned about a child’s or young person’s hearing . A Sensory Impairment Service referral form must be completed providing parental/carer consent to service involvement.

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Municipal Building, Archway Road, Huyton L36 9UX

0151 443 2667