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Early Years SEND Funding

Early Years Pupil Premium

The Early Years Pupil Premium (EYPP) is an additional sum of money paid to childcare providers for children of families in receipt of certain benefits.  This funding will be used to enhance the quality of their early years' experience by improving the teaching and learning, facilities and resources, with the aim of impacting positively on your child's progres and development.  For more information please speak to your childcare provider.

Disability Access Fund Declaration

Three and four-year-old who are in reciept of child Disability Living Allowance and are receiving the free entitlement are eligible for the Disability Access Fund (DAF).  DAF is paid to the child's early years setting as a fixed annual rate of £615 per eligible child.  You must provide a copy of the child's disability living allowance award letter to the childcare provider for them to retail on file for Local Autority audit. Disability Access Funding (DAF) 2018-2020 Guidance.