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One to One mentoring via Headstart programme for any young person 11 years upwards who is involved in criminal activity or at risk of participating in criminal activity.

Universal - Level 1

  • One to One mentoring for any young person 11 yrs upwards who may potentially become involved in criminal activity.

Universal Plus - Level 2

  • Deliver Intervention programmes working with individuals to address consequences of crime and anti-social behaviour
  • One to one mentoring
  • Support groups for parents who have young people displaying disruptive behaviour.

Universal Partnership Plus - Level 3

  • Working in partnership with other agencies to build bridges between young people, their family and appropriate agency.  Our mentors will intervene after the agency has encountered difficulties in gaing a positive relationship.  Their experience allows them to overcome most barriers that other agencies have found difficult to do.
  • We work closely with the individual and their family to rebuild the relationships.

Need for protection - Level 4

  • Support the young person during any child in need or child protection procedure.
  • Ensure the young person has a clear understanding of the procedure and to communicate any fears or concerns regarding the young person
  • To update agencies on the young person's progress.

Age range: 

11 - 18

Referral procedure: 

Via Schools, Stronger Families or Anti Social Behaviour team.

Delivery period: 

January - December

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