Young Adult Respite Service (YARS)


Young Adult Respite Service C.I.C (Y.A.R.S) is a fantastic programme, set up in 2017 to support the personal and social development of disabled young adults across Knowlsey.

Our aim is to provide disabled young adults (aged 18 – 35) an opportunity to meet like-minded people in a safe environment. Whilst developing friendships, confidence, independence and engaging in new and exciting activities. In addition to this, providing much-needed respite for parents/carers.

To date, we have engaged with over 70 disabled young adults and stayed in some fantastic places, such as Barcelona, Dublin, The Lake District and North Wales to name a few.

All of our residentials are fully inclusive and offer a wide range of activities, depending on the needs and ability of the individuals, it really is a unique programme which enables disabled young adults to engage and access opportunities that they may never had the chance to previously.

If you would like to make a referral to Y.A.R.S or require additional information, please contact:

Thomas Radcliffe


Michael Salkeld

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Contact Details


Old School House, St johns Road, L36 0ux.

Additional Information

Age range

18 - 35

Referral procedure

Initial Contact to the service and then a home visit

Availability comments

Contact available during office hours.

Residentials take place over weekends

Things to know

DBS Policy in place

Volunteering opportunities available.

Delivery period

January - December

Provides additional or specialist facilities for SEN & D peopleProvides additional or specialist facilities for SEN & D people

Home basedHome based

Region wideRegion wide

Overall rating:


6 August 2022 - 10:14pm
We bumped into the group in barmouth crab fishing today. They were the high light of our day seeing how the three lovely ladies were having so much fun with the group they totally made each and everyone of them feel special. My partner Kim fell inlove with David, she thought he was amazing, but to see them all smiling laughing and enjoying themselves was amazing and the highlight of our day and hope to see them all again. We take our hats off to the three ladies as they really were special themselves.

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