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Who do we share your information with?

The Council may need to share your personal information with a range of partners in order to provide you with services or to administer our functions.

We only share personal data where the law specifically allows it or we have a legal obligation (e.g. a court order) to do so. When we share your personal data, we will always do so in line with data protection legislation.
Examples of Partners we may share your information with are: 

  • Police Forces – where the information is required to prevent and detect crime
  • The Cabinet Office – as part of the National Fraud Initiative
  • Local Health Trusts – as part of our safeguarding obligations
  • Contractors – where commissioned services need your personal data in order to provide Council services on our behalf
  • Registered Social Landlords – as part of our housing obligations
  • Schools – as part of our education obligations
  • Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service – as part of our safeguarding and community care obligations
  • Central Government – as part of our obligations under the National Impact Study

What makes a safe organisation?

Below is a list of things that organisations/services should have in place to show that they are providing quality and safe service/activities/events:

  • Staff/volunteers are recruited using the Safer Recruitment Standards, which include having up to date and relevant DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service)
  • A health and safety policy
  • Appropriate insurance cover
  • Safeguarding procedures
  • Complaints procedures
  • Anything you consider to be relevant to your needs.

Please note that the service details that are advertised on the Knowsley Information Website have been provided by a range of organisation/services and therefore the information has not been checked and verified. It is YOUR responsibility to take any precautions necessary.