Early Years Portage Service

Part of Knowsley's Local Offer ( )

is a pre-school home visiting educational service for children with additional needs. Practitioners work in partnership with parents/carers, and other professionals to support a child's development. 

Age range for support is birth to 3 years unless child is not accessing a Nursery or other Early Years Provision.

The aim of our Service in Knowsley is to support young children's development through play, supporting communication and building relationships to enable them to participate fully in family life at home and in the wider community.

What are the eligibility criteria to use the service? 

  • The child has a delay in more than one area of their development.
  • The child is a Knowsley resident.

Service requests for can be made by a variety of Professionals involved with your child such as Health Visitor, GP, Community Nursing Team. Referrals are sent to Knowsley's Child Development Team who will decide whether is an appropriate service. Parents cannot directly refer for .



A picture of the downloadable leaflet all about the Knowsley Portage Offer.

Contact Details


Child Development Team

The Star Centre, St Andrew's View, Kirkby, Knowsley, L35 3XZ


Opening days / times
Monday-Friday 9am-5pm

Additional Information

Age range

0 - 3

Referral procedure

Delay in more than one area of development through Child Development Centre

Availability comments

Monday-Friday 9am-5pm

Things to know

DBS Policy in place,

Age range - 0-3 unless child is not accessing Early Years provision.

Delivery period
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