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Developmental or Behavioural Concerns

Universal Child Health Service

Universal Child Health Service

Health Visitors

Specific advice for Help with special education needs including EHC assessments and information about the process can also be found on the SEN Assessment & Commissioning page.

Child Development Team

Knowsley have a coordinated response to a child and their family if they or a professional identify a development or behavioural concern.  This response is through the Child Development Team (CDT) who are made up of health and education professionals for early years children and the aim of the team is to meet regularly and co-ordinate a joined up response.  The CDT are the central point of contact and only entry point for all developmental or behavioural concerns in early years children.   This ensures a multi-agency response including the opportunity for joint assessments, referral to other specialist services and a nominated key professional to lead and coordinate and to liaise with parents/carers.

CDT professionals include: 

For further information on the CDT please contact the CDT co-ordinator Maria Williams on 0151 443 5754

Neuro-Development Pathway


The Neuro-development pathway brings together diagnosis of the Autistic Spectrum Condition (ASC), Developmental Co-ordinations Disorder (DCD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).  The pathway is the journey the child undertakes from initial referral, seeing a number of professionals and receiving or not receiving a diagnosis.  The merging of the pathways ensures that the number of times a child is seen by professionals is reduced and there is no need for one or more diagnosis that this is carried out in a timely way.

Every child on the pathway will have a lead professional this is so that all professionals are coordinated and it also ensures one point of contact for the family.

Referrals to the pathway must come from school and have supporting information attached, for example reports from professionals already involved, reviewed Personal Provision Plan's (PPP, formerly IEP) or screening tools specific to the strand of the pathway referral is for.

Professionals who may be involved in the pathway are:

If you have a query regarding your child’s progress on the Neuro-developmental Pathway, please contact the service  by telephone on 0151 244 3091 (if unanswered, messages left will be responded to asap) or by email

Neurodevelopmental assessment services update.19th July 2019


Positive Behaviour Support Service (PBSS)